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Episodes 1 and 2 of Vireo are currently available online to view at In spring 2017 KCETLink will release all 12 episodes of Vireo at once for free, on-demand streaming, which is a first for the network. The opera will also air on KCET in Southern California and Link TV nationwide on DirecTV (channel 375) and Dish Network (channel 9410). Through a partnership with KCETLink, the national independent, non-profit digital and broadcast network, the unique multimedia initiative includes online articles and videos showcasing the production’s creative process, as well as a television special to be presented by Artbound, KCETLink’s Emmy ® award-winning arts and culture series.

Grand Central Arts Center

Vireo is an artist residency project of Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) in Santa Ana, an outgrowth of Cal State Fullerton, Director/Chief Curator John Spiak.


Grand Central Art Center (GCAC), a unit of California State University at Fullerton – College of the Arts, is dedicated to the investigation and promotion of contemporary art and visual culture: regionally, nationally, and internationally through unique collaborations among artists, students, and the community. GCAC is the result of a unique partnership between the California State University at Fullerton and the City of Santa Ana. Located ten miles south of the main campus in the heart of downtown Santa Ana, the art center is a mixed residential, commercial and educational complex. The art center is a 45,000 square-foot, full city-block long and half-city block deep, three-level structure that houses: live/studio spaces for visual arts graduate students, the Grand Central Main Gallery, Project Room, Education/Teaching Gallery, Grand Central Theater, classrooms, and a studio and living space dedicated to the center’s international artist-inresidence program.

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