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Character Profile for The Mother

About The Mother

Passionate in defense of her daughter, eager and over-eager for her daughter’s “cure,” The Mother (mezzo-soprano Maria Lazarova) is unable to accept the power and scale of Vireo’s (soprano Rowen Sabala) mind and soul as anything other than anathema. Concerned but not compassionate – she can’t share a passion to which she can’t relate, which frightens her, which is confirmed as a problem; a passion which she envies, an anomaly that draws power to power.

In Episode One: The Blow

The Mother's daughter, Vireo, has fallen into a fit after hearing a disembodied voice. The Voice (mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin) has spoken to Vireo of the scope of the plague at hand, and of the difficulty of knowing and holding one's place in the fires of time. The Mother and a Priest (baritone Gregory Purnhagen), who is not really a Priest but a Doctor coddling his patient in order to study what he calls anachronistic delusions, examine Vireo. Watch Episode One

In Episode Two: Mercury

The Priest concludes Vireo is possessed by spirits, sent under a witch’s command... The Mother, confused, will attempt to accept whatever frame the Doctor provides. Watch Episode Two

What's to come...

The Doctor and Mother will pursue a runaway Vireo, catch her, and subject her to an assaultive array of tests; the Mother is further seduced by the Doctor's authoritative position and laments Vireo's growing estrangement.

Photos of The Mother

Mezzo-soprano plays the role of The Mother. Read her Q&A here.


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